Notes and links about no code

No code is a new trend. It’s not the most optimized way to build a dev project, but it’s a very nice way to make a POC, test some ideas or even making an app that doesn’t require a high level of customization (it’s often pre-build blocks of logic) and doesn’t need a particulary low time/response ratio (compared to custom apps). I’m really concerned about not spending (and losing) time on tiny technical details that nobody cares.

Some rules I try to follow

#1 - Don’t try to reach perfection Often I used to be afraid of doing things that were not perfect. I lost some great occasions to make things. Because I considered I wasn’t ready. Truth is, if you think that way, you’ll never start anything. Allow yourself not being what you dreamed of, but to lead the way to become, some day, a better person. And it starts NOW. #2 - Don’t be too arsh about yourself